inspiring and CReative studio experience


Produce and record music in an environment that can inspire your creativity and support your authenticity.

The Barber Shop is located in Echo Park, Los Angeles, but it's hidden away and surrounded by nature. Modern recording methods and tastefully selected gear help you achieve your goals. Here you can accomplish anything from recording a full live band to crafting the perfect vocal take.

Engineer and producer Scott Barber has a wide range of experience that can assist you at any stage of the music making process. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to complete a project you've already begun.



"After working with Scott Barber one time, I knew I found a home for all my studio recording and mixing needs. I've been recording at the Barbershop Studio for about 3 years and I couldn't be happier with his work. He's always on the cutting edge of techniques blending old with new in the best way possible. Love this Studio. Love the man."

-Nima Kazerouni (So Many Wizards, Nectarines, Crown Plaza)
"I love working with Scott Barber. He's an ideal producer for a songwriter like myself and always brings out the best in me. We've been working together for about a year now and already the songs we've produced have been played on mainstream radio and have been used for TV placements."     

-Sean Gadd (co-founder of Grouplove)